Bolsa De Madrid Market Data Agreement

c) Have you reached an agreement to (a) share the benefit of your business activities or (b) obtain compensation for your business activities? Explanation: Do you use data for commercial purposes to specifically manage your employer and/or your business assets? The NYSE and most U.S. exchanges require suppliers to positively confirm the status of each customer`s market data before they can obtain market data. In the future, the non-professional questionnaire will be used to positively identify and validate the status of market data for all customer subscribers. In accordance with the Exchange`s requirements, without positively identifying customers as non-professionals, the standard state of market data will be professional. The process will protect and maintain the correct status of market data for all new subscribers. A brief guide to non-professional definitions can be As stated in the customer agreement, IB holds all street name shares. For this reason, the rate between the country paying dividends (France) and the recipient country (IB LLC US) is 28% for 2020 (decreased by 30% for 2019). While you can manage an account with Interactive Brokers UK, IBUK in turn acts as an introductory broker for interactive brokers LLC.

As such, Interactive Brokers LLC is the owner of the Stock Route. For more information, please see the link below on the IB customer contract. If the link does not work, find the links forms and disclosures at the bottom of the site of interactive brokers and choose agreements, BME Group currently has more than 20 subsidiaries, such as Bolsa de Barcelona, Bolsa de Bilbao, Bolsa de Madrid, Bolsa de Valencia, MAB, AIAF, MEFF, BME Clearing, Iberclear, BME Market Data, Infobolsa, Visual Trader or BME. Sociedad de Bolsas, S.A., a company owned by Grupo BME, is responsible for the management and function of the Spanish stock exchange system (SIBE), the technical trading platform of the Spanish stock market and the location of the order book. Sociedad de Bolsas is the source of the information generated by SIBE and is responsible for the organisation and management. The company also owns the IBEX 35 index® and is responsible for structure, management, governance, total calculation and dissemination. Explanation: Do you send data that you receive from us in any way, shape or form to another party? a) Do you receive financial information (including information or price information on securities, commodities and other financial instruments) for your business or any other commercial enterprise? You can obtain your rights to access, rectification, deletion, processing limitation, data portability and opposition by requesting in writing the BME Group data protection representative at the address listed above or by email at the following email address: The exercise of these rights is free. The Spanish market is characterized as a system to order with liquidity providers (specialists) on certain actions.

The Spanish electronic trading platform (SIBE) connects the four Spanish exchanges (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia) and, since its launch in 1995, it has supported e-commerce of shares on the market. All orders sent to SIBE go to the same central computer and are prioritized based on price and time.