Costume Hire Agreement

All applicable transportation costs are paid by the tenant. No leased products will be guaranteed or booked until the full rent is paid and received by Masquerade. The rental fee is recorded in the contract account. Masquerade does not refund leases due to inadequacy or adjustment that may result in unused/unused leased goods. The tenant is responsible for the safe packaging and return of the goods. Masquerade is not responsible for the fact that rental items are not appropriate or that objects mis match due to the wrong size. Changes and cancellations of an order are subject to a 50% VAT fee per costume or item such as wigs, shoes and accessories to cover the costs. This will be deducted from any refund due. It is recommended that you use an insured mode of transportation through your local mail or courier company. Any loss of rental property will result in the billing of replacement fees.

Any loss or damage during the rent is paid by the tenant at the price set by Masquerade. If they do damage or lose a suit, you can be charged for the repair. If you borrow our costumes, you must take care of them (do not damage them or wash them, as some of them need special cleaning techniques). We offer accident insurance for all rents which is optional. All show/company orders are supplemented by mandatory insurance fees to cover accidental damage. ADW This covers the tenant up to $40 per suit and covers small stains of drinks, food stains, broken zippers, minor damage on the cubs. ADW DOES NOT COVER, LOSS, THEFT, MISUSE, REPLACEMENT COST TO ANY HIRE ITEMS. A $4.00 fee is charged per costume up to a maximum of 5 costumes and a $20.00 fee is charged thereafter. All rented property must be placed under the responsibility of the designated person on the invoice during the rent. If it has been agreed with a company, school or business that Masquerade would accept an order to book rental property, the full deleted payment must be made before the start date of the rent.

Non-complete payment may lead to non-delivery of rental properties. Are you in the costume shop? So just adapt this web form to you… Should losses occur during the rental period or during the return period, it is the tenant`s responsibility to notify Masquerade as soon as possible. HIRE CONDITIONS: The tenant understands and agrees that all rented property is subject to the following conditions: We always own the suits, you simply lend them. Unless otherwise agreed, the full payment of the rent is paid in advance to guarantee the rental on the agreed date and deposit a deposit for each rented item. The security deposit will be refunded upon return of the rented goods, subject to the rental conditions. DEPOSITS DO NOT COVER LOSS, THEFT OR REPLACEMENT Masquerade reserves the right to refuse or cancel rent if the tenant does not wish to comply with our terms and conditions or if, at any time, Masquerade staff have reason to be concerned. Refusing to comply with Masquerades` recruitment requirements results in the cancellation of your order. All damage to rental property during the rental period is assessed on the return of the goods and billed accordingly if necessary. You have to make all the costumes at the end of your rent (we make it really easy by including prepaid return labels so that you simply hand over the box to a post office) or we will charge you a fee. The rental of items is carried out at the person or company named on the agreement invoice and to no other.

Cancellations must only be made in writing or by e-mail from the person named in the rental agreement. Cancellations are not accepted by third parties. All refunds are made only on the perosn mentioned on the rental agreement and on the card or bank account from which the initial payment was made.