Merlin Housing Tenancy Agreement

The City Council kept a small number of garages when its housing stock was transferred to the Merlin Housing Society. These are managed by Bromford/Merlin, which can be contacted for both the Council`s garages and the VonMern/Merlins which can be rented. Please contact the Bromford/Merlin Housing Society on 0300 123 222. ExtraCare apartments for sale or property are available through housing companies at the following sites: A start-up rental agreement may have been offered to you. If so, this page explains what it means to you. Starter leases are leases that last 12 months from the start of the lease. If, at the end of this 12-month period, the lease has not been terminated, it is automatically converted into an insured periodic lease. Your rental agreement is a legal document that gives you all the rules relating to living on your property. For more information on sheltered housing and other accommodation options for the elderly, including information on buying a retirement home, visit Age UK South Gloucestershire. In addition, you have the contractual rights listed in your lease.

You will be insured or temporary tenants after 12 months, unless your housing company has not done so: most of the protected units for rent are provided by housing companies that collaborate with the Council for applications and the appeal of job offers. Rental fraud information – how to report it. Your rental deposit and the first rental rate are due 9 days before the start of your lease and the good news is that you will get the deposit back if, at the end of your stay, nothing is due for damages or unpaid rents! House for rent – where you pay the rent and you have a lease. Housing units made available by housing companies require rents that are generally considered “affordable.” Depending on income, you may be entitled to the housing allowance to pay your rent. ExtraCare Residential Properties are available for rent in the following locations: For protected housing applications, please contact the Bromford Housing Association (formerly Merlin). Cambrian Green Court, Yate. E-mail: These responsibilities will be explained to you when you sign your lease. During the first 12 months of your lease, an employee will visit you three times to see how you progress and discuss all the issues with you. These visits usually take place at 6 weeks, 6 months and 9 months.

ExtraCare apartments are designed for people over 55 years of age included in your rental agreement and which generally include: If you are interested in renting a protected residential property managed by a housing company, you should sign up for our HomeChoice service.