Runner Tenancy Agreement

Section 52 of the Stamp Act 1949 allows non-stamped instruments to be duty-carrying. In the case of such a lessor, we must ensure that all leases are properly labelled to ensure that they are admissible in court if they are to be applied. The rent is RM1700 per month for a one-year extension. Based on the table above, the stamp duty should be RM72 plus RM10 for an additional copy of the double contract. Before I ask the owner, I would like to hear your opinion if there are any other standard fees behind, which I may not be aware of. Most tenants make a rental property runner because they can`t afford to pay rent and panic. Hello, I need your help. In fact, I rent a house in johor bahru (monthly RM1400). I paid 2 months` deposit – RM700 for public services.

My contract expires at the end of March`16 (one-year contract). But I told the watsapp agent that I will leave the house before the completion of a year that is in mid-February. According to the agreement, I have to warn a month in advance, but I have informed the agent since December`15 that sick somewhere in February will be free. Even in the agreement, there are no rules that would still have to pay the rent for the remaining month if I went to the ground earlier. Every time I talk about my release date, the agent never tells me about it. Until the end of the day, one day before the return of the key message from the agent and said I had a year to complete, which means I paid the rent for March as well. This time I have already moved to a new house. First of all, I wonder why the agent never tells me anything until the day I undress or brand to complete me a year.

When I question him, he said there was miscommunication. Finally, I lift the key on Feb 29 to the agent and the agent say he will talk to the landlord so as not to charge me for the March rent. I say I`m fine if he wants to give me a half-month rent. Yesterday I received msge from the agent said that the landlord will take the deposit for the 1 month rent coverage in March and the monthly balance deposit will be deducted for RM550 for contractor fees (I agree to accept these fees as we have drilled, but it will not cost RM550) -RM250 for cleaning the house.