Verizon Phone Lease Agreement

Let`s say an iPhone 7 comes out in 12 months and you`re not excited. You can simply pay your lease for eight more months until you own your phone. Below is a complete overview of how Verizon`s device payments work and the rules for their payment plan, starting with basic information about the device`s payment plan. No no. You must have an active Verizon wireless mobile phone number to have a device payment agreement. If you separate a mobile phone number that has an active payment agreement from the device, the balance of that agreement is due on your next bill. It is your responsibility to let people who connect devices through your mobile hotspot, jetpack or Wi-Fi router know that we collect, use and disclose information about their device and the use of the service, as described in our Privacy Policy. Since the device`s payment program requires a payment agreement in instalments to pay for the device over time, Verizon will check if customers are in a good financial position. If a customer is not currently authorized for the device`s payment program, there are several ways to qualify. Data fees are collected this way: 4GB of data includes a $25 monthly access fee, but appears on the bill as a $40 fee $US with a $15 credit $US. .