What Is A Union Recognition Agreement

6.1 The mutually agreed objective of all parties to this Agreement is to work in partnership to resolve disputes using the consultation and negotiation processes set out in this document and to avoid disputes until all stages of this procedure have been exhausted. 4.2 The University recognises the important and necessary role of trade union representatives and will grant representatives of recognised trade unions an exemption for the following tasks: 7.2 In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Trade Unions and Labour Relations (Codification) Act (1992), the parties to this Agreement agree that it is legally unenforceable. Nor do the conclusions of the Section 5 committees constitute a legally binding obligation for the university or recognised trade unions. In practice, this means that the union is recognised by the employer without applying any legal procedures. See voluntary recognition of a trade union. This agreement replaces all previous agreements on trade union institutions and recognition between the parties and enters into force from the date of the last signature. 4.4.1 Unions are responsible for the fees and expenses associated with the items mentioned in sections 4.4 a, b and c above. Dates, times and duration must be adequately communicated to the responsible supervisor, who may consult the personnel manager and/or delegated representative. The subsequent bargaining process is called collective bargaining, where the group of workers represented by the union is called a bargaining unit. See the legal recognition of a trade union – start of the procedure. Recognition can be done either by agreement with the employer, so-called voluntary recognition, or through a legal process called legal recognition.

The voluntary route is by far the most preferable and even the most common; it builds consensus with your employer on the benefits of union recognition from the outset. However, if the voluntary recognition procedure does not bear fruit, we are entitled to request the legal recognition of a group of workers of which at least 10% are members of NEU. .